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Tony HermanHey There, My Name is Tony...

I know what it's like... seeing other people make lots of money but then struggle at doing it yourself.

Yeah, that was me... twice, in fact.

I was being pitched all kinds of programs, one thing after another, I wondered why I couldn't get something to work. It was frustrating. I was trying to get another business going and I needed something on the side to help with my college debt.

Trying this... trying that... NOTHING WORKED

Then, I got a coach. Two of them, in fact. I threw down about the last $600 I had to learn a system that was supposed to work. I publised hundreds of articles online and yes, I had to write them all. It took months to do and I had no results but I kept going. I was all in - win or lose.

Then, guess what?

It worked!

All that work finally kicked in and it was great for a while... until Google changed things and it completely tanked.

All that work, everything... GONE

Well, I didn't want to do that again, right? Sure, it was great when it worked but what I was doing was dependent on Google working a certain way. Then, one night when Google changed things, all my extra income went away. So, no... never again.

Let's leave Google out of it this time and go back to square one.

I thought about what to do for years in the back of my mind. YEARS. Then, when I finally set some time aside to just think hard, it all just came together. I had it... FINALLY.

I took what I knew and boiled it down to the simplest method possible, made that into a program, which is what is here today. I wanted it so simple that my mom could do it (she asks me about computer stuff all the time). I ran it past her and she understood it. Great.

So what's this "simplest method possible" then?

I'll tell you right here... for free.

Let's say I met you somewhere and showed you a book I wrote called "How to Make Money" that I wrote. I asked if you wanted to buy it for $10. You agreed. You gave me the $10, you opened the book to start reading and all it said was one sentence.

Wait, just one sentence?

Yes, I can tell you how to make money in one sentence: "Make copies of this book and sell them for $10 each."

I mean, that's it, right?

You could follow that and make money. That's as simple as it gets, really.

What you don't get with that is the "how" part. That book would not tell you how to market, where to market, how to get it printed, how to sell lots of them, etc. And then you'd have to talk to people in person, right? How many books could you really sell that way? Not many.

You would have to, instead, hit a larger market by getting that book online and market and take payment, etc. but then you'd want all the steps to that, which can be done, but most people just don't have the time and there's added expense, too.

It gets complicated and boring pretty quickly, right?

What if all of that was ELIMINATED?

What if someone did everything else for you and ALL you had to do was... share a link?

THAT is what my mom understood and it's EXACTLY what I have for you today. Do I have your permission to explain this to you? If so, read on...

See How I Earn up to $14.03 Per Sign Up by Just Sharing a Link

Earnings proof


Follower Cash


You share one, special link on social media or anywhere and you get paid per person that signs up.

Your followers then get paid for each person they sign up, and so on - YOU ALL EARN.

What could be better than that?

And it's really super simple:

  • No Website Needed
  • No Software or App to Install
  • No Email List Required
  • No Complicated Process
  • Works With Any Social Media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Easily Set it Up Once, Then Share

Blast the link out on your social media, post on YouTube, or send it everyone on your email list (if you have one - not required at all).

Share one, special link to HELP your friends/followers make money as YOU do

What other program works like this? Nothing.

It's Super Simple: "Get, Set, Share!"

-Step #1: Get your starter link
-Step #2: Set up your special link
-Step #3: Share your special link!

The magic is in the special link.


This Easy Guide Helps You EARN EVEN MORE


  • A Powerful Guide Revealing How to MAKE CASH WITH THIS PROGRAM
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THAT'S A VALUE OF $97 (so far)

But You Won't Pay Nearly That Much... No Way.


For Example:


GET 400: MAKE $2,940.00

It's THAT Simple

Just image... having EXTRA MONEY to:



BONUS #1: How to Become an Influencer

Let's throw in another valuable guide to help boost you to INFLUENCER LEVEL faster.

The "How to Become an Influencer" 59 page e-book is yours for FREE when you sign up.

This Valuable Guide is WORTH $27 but it's Included for FREE

BONUS #2: Your Own Website to Promote Follower Cash

This is totally optional but you can start collecting people's emails in exchange for a book I give you to give away for free. You then build an email list and REALLY cash in!

I give you that FREE website.

This way, you can give them a free book to help get them interested in learning more. Everyone likes free. This system ABSOLUTELY works.

This Website is WORTH $99 but it's included and hosted for FREE

BONUS #3: 100 Views to Get Started

I'll give you some of the traffic I get and sent that traffic to your link to help you get started. That's right... FREE traffic. Who else gives you that?

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  • A Powerful Guide Revealing How to MAKE CASH WITH THIS PROGRAM
  • A QUICK START VIDEO to Get You Up and Going in MINUTES
  • An EXCLUSIVE Program to Earn With Each Person You Refer
  • A SPECIAL LINK TOOL to Get You More Clicks
  • Sharing Tools and Graphics to Help You START EARNING INSTANTLY
  • BONUS #1: How to Become an Influencer
  • BONUS #2: Your Own Website to Promote Follower Cash
  • BONUS #3: 100 Views to Get Started




Yeah, I'm a little INSANE for a price that LOW but I want YOU to succeed, be running in minutes, and finally make money online.

Get just 1-2 people signed up and YOU'RE MAKING MONEY.

Yes, 8 times $14.03 is $112.24 - you can do that... you would have just made $100 by sharing a link.

Sign up as many people as you want.

There's nothing to deliver or do besides set up & share your link...
I do all the rest - it's SUPER EASY.

No other system does this.

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Your order is completely risk free. Try FollowerCash and enjoy just sharing a link to earn some cash for a full 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all), I’ll buy it back from you.

If you want your money back, we'll do that and deactivate your account. No problem. You can even keep the guides we've given to you - they're yours just for trying.

It's Just $12 to Make $7-14+ per Sign Up

Don't leave and miss out on this AMAZING opportunity...
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If you could turn $12 into $14, wouldn't you do it?

Now what if you only had to pay that $12 once?

This is truly a no-brainer...


P.S. All the risk is on me. You have a full 60 days. Give it a try.


Q: Wait, wait, wait... how is this possible? Are you saying I just pay $12 and then I get $7.35 to $14.03 per person that signs up after that?

A: Yes, that's it. It's just a very generous program, which you don't see too often. That's exactly how it works. It's really a no-brainer.


Q: How many people can I sign up for the $12 I'm paying?

A: Sign up as many as you want... 100, 1,000, or even 100,000 or more. It's up to you.


Q: Will this work for TikTok and Instagram?

A: YES! We've designed FollowerCash specifically for these kinds of platforms to help people with any amount of followers start making money with their followers. You can concentrate on creating your content.


Q: Are these guides real books?

A: Yes, they're books you can download in PDF format and read on your computer or device. They are not physical books but you can print them if you like.


Q: Do you help me get followers signed up?

A: We give you the tools and 100 free views of your link but you need to share your link for it to work, of course. We do have an option where we give you traffic to your link but that's beyond the $12 cost.


Q: Is there a website I have to build or anything like that?

A: Nope. Just create one link and share it. We have some advanced training if you'd like to go further but you don't have to and even then, we're giving you your own web page to share.


Q: Do I have to send anything to anyone or help them with their account?

A: No way. They use your link, get signed up, and you get credit. Then in their account, we give them everything. You can just focus on getting more people signed up. Work as much or as little on it as you want.


Q: Is the $7.35+ I receive from them just once or is it recurring?

A: It's just once but we give you some training on how to collect their email addresses and market to them if you want. This is advanced (and optional) but it's a great way to continually make some money online.

And then we do have a way where you can earn some recurring commissions, which is very exciting. You'll learn more about that when you join... it's cool.


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